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The ABBF (French Beep Baseball Association)


ARTICLE 1 : Constitution and Name

A French sports association according to the law of July first, 1901, and the decree of August 16, 1901, laws 84-610, is hereby founded between adherents of the present statutes an association named the French Association for Beep Baseball (ABBF), whose headquarters is located at 157, rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris. It is granted judicial character. It is set up for an unlimited period.


ARTICLE 2 : Objectives

This association has the objective to manage and promote sporting activities available to persons with vision handicaps while at the same time making it possible for many persons to participate in its activities.


ARTICLE 3 : Activities

The activities of the association include periodic meetings, training sessions, games, participation in competitions, the organization of promotional activities for any of these events deemed necessary by the General Assembly.


ARTICLE 4 : Composition

The association is made up of active members or honorary members.


ARTICLE 5 : Organs

  1. The General Assembly

The General Assembly includes all members of the association who are up to date on their annual fees and honorary members. It meets at least once per year or at the request of one quarter of active members. At least fifteen days before the date established by the Bureau, the Secretary will convoke members of the association in writing. The agenda will be indicated on the invitations. In order for the deliberations to be valid, at least two thirds of the membership must be present. If the quorum is not met, the assembly is adjourned with the same agenda. This assembly is held regardless of the number of members present. Minutes of the meeting will be kept, dated and signed by at least two members of the Bureau.



  1. The Bureau

The Bureau is made up of the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer of the association. The last two posts may be held by the same person. These persons are elected each year by the Ordinary General Assembly. In case of temporary incapacity of the President, the Secretary will perform his functions. In case of resignation or death of a member of the Bureau, the Assembly General must immediately before considering any other decisions elect his replacement. The Bureau handles current affairs of the association. The Bureau meets at least three times per year at the request of the President.


ARTICLE 6 : Admission

The Bureau sets the general conditions for admission. These conditions include among others the age, the physical or mental capacities of adherents. A candidate for admission must pay a fee set by the General Assembly. All members are approved by the bureau which decides during each of its meetings upon the requests for admission presented. Members must respect the Internal Rules.


ARTICLE 7 : Expulsion and Termination of Inscriptions

Membership is terminated at the end of the license, resignation, death or explusion. Expulsion may be pronounced by the Bureau for violation of the Internal Rules. The person concerned will be invited by registered letter to attend a meeting of the Bureau in order to provide an explanation of his behavior, except appeal to the General Assembly.


ARTICLE 8 : Affiliation

The association can affiliate its activities with a sports federation. Adherents are required to have a license from this federation in order to participate in activities.


ARTICLE 9 : Internal Rules

Internal Rules will be established by the Bureau and approved by the General Assembly. The rules are intended to cover various points not established by the Statutes, notably those rules that refer to the internal administration of the association.


ARTICLE 10 : Dissolution

Dissolution of the association can be pronounced by the unanimous decision of members present at an Extraordinary General Assembly. The association is dissolved by law as soon as no members renew their annual fees after six months from the beginning of the season.





Signed in Paris, March 1, 2009



157 rue de Charenton

75012, Paris

French Nationality


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Najib Lamjaj

11, avenue Général Laperrine

75012 Paris

French Nationality


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